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Located to the south east of Poitiers, the commune of Bonnes is part of Vienne and Moulière.

22km from Poitiers.

  The commune of Bonnes is a commune of 1,785 inhabitants. Halfway between Poitiers and Châtellerault and near Chauvigny, it offers its inhabitants both proximity to urban areas with their shops and activities, but also a peaceful quality of life between Vienne and the Moulière forest.


• Bonnes is a commune with an area of 34.35 km2 made up of numerous hamlets. The town is crossed by the Vienne.


• The natural site, the many wooded areas and the heritage make Bonnes an attractive tourist site.

The town of Bonnes is served by local shops such as: Coop, pharmacy, bakery, hairdresser, beautician, doctor, osteopath, nurse.


• Numerous activities are also offered there: swimming pool on the banks of the Vienne, tennis courts, city-stadium, numerous mountain bike outings, hikes, horse riding.


• The many associations of our town also offer various activities that develop the attractiveness of our village (flea markets, Saint Jean festival, village festival among others) and offer sports activities for young and old.

Is it the beauty of the banks of Vienne that has encouraged people to settle there since prehistoric times? But it was in medieval times that the history of Bonnes was influenced by that of its many fiefdoms and seigniories. Most remarkable of all, the  Touffou Castle  (12th, 15th and 17th centuries), majestically overlooks the left bank of the Vienne. Today, Bonnes has become a beautifully flowered town with many tourist attractions.

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An essential step in a stay in Vienne, located twenty minutes from Futuroscope or Poitiers, Chauvigny is a rich and surprising medieval city. You may know Chauvigny for its famous "Pierre de Chauvigny" which dresses prestigious works, or the "porcelain de Chauvigny" present on the most beautiful tables in France and around the world.

Come and discover, through the streets and alleys of the medieval city, the remains of five castles which make it a unique site in Europe. Immerse yourself in the history of the families of Chauvigny and their relations with the bishops of Poitiers. Let yourself be guided by the discovery tours of the medieval city organized under the guidance of a guide-lecturer approved by the Heritage Department and discover:
-   the powerful Château des Évêques, residence of the lords of Chauvigny;
-   the remains of the fortress of Montléon, dominating the town;
-   the imposing  Harcourt Castle  in very good state of preservation; it is home to many cultural and educational activities;
-   the  Dungeon of Gouzon  rehabilitated into a museum, it offers a superb panoramic view of its country; 
-   without forgetting the modest castle of Flins (private building).

Discover masterpieces of Romanesque and pre-Romanesque art that will punctuate this journey through time:
-   the frescoes of  Saint Pierre les Eglises composed of a dozen scenes; 
-   the  Saint-Pierre collegiate church , a real jewel of Romanesque art. 

Chauvigny has everything to entertain you:
-   The museums take you on a journey through time from the Neolithic era by understanding everyday objects and tools, living with the gods in Roman times, or enjoying the modern era and chauvinistic industries.
-   It is within the very walls of the Château des Évêques, in the heart of the medieval city, that a high-flying spectacle takes place in which birds of prey but also birds from all over the world evolve.  "Giants of the Sky"  are the favorite of the Top Tourism Vienna 2016.
-   The craftsmen of the medieval city welcome you to their shops: potter, sculptor, medieval shops, leather work etc...
-   Nature activities with a ride in  bike-rail to visit the landscapes of the Chauvinois country in an original way, but also many hiking trails are available to you;
-   Activities around the water with descents on the Vienne in canoe-kayak, swimming pool or the leisure center in La Puye. 

Take advantage of the local gastronomy with the markets, the food shops and the specialties of the restaurant owners.

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